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All Brands Matter

You will not get a timeworn cookie-cutter branding on any of our creative motion graphic 3D-2D animation ads, custom website designs, QR Codes, and video editing. 

Why H2 Productions?  

Our founder is currently president of the GUMBO Step Theatre Company, which demands theatrical musical arts creativity which is why our branding stands out; we strategically customize the precise style for your brand.


If you need more time to run your business, then allow us to offer you marketing support: see our Liquid Membership Plan. We are experts at capturing your style and brand, plus we have all the time in the world!


We Offer:

  1. High-Quality 2D & 3D Animations.

  2. Customized Professional Video Editing.

  3. Smooth Collaboration for best results.

  4. Online Zoom Training for Tips on Navigating Social Media Platforms and marketing your brand.

  5. Professional Ads to promote and market your brand to a growing online audience. 


J.D. Hamilton - Free Lance Video Editor & Producer for H2 Productions 2021


Short Ads

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Since the pandemic, it is imperative to consider your online appearance. H2 can assist with the basics you need to represent your business during this crisis.


Style Your Brand

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More people are online, period. We all have a brand, so accept it or reject it. You cannot afford to miss any opportunities,.

GET the latest in Logo Animations, we offer free samples for 1st time users. Why not, it's FREE! 

Marketing Coach

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H2 knows what you cannot afford not to in these trying times and rapid growing eCommerce economy. We may not know everything, but we know a lot that will save you time and money. We can teach you how to market your brand using WIX Apps.

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