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H2 Plans & Pricing_edited.png


Find one that works for you

  • H2 Liquid Logo

    Be unique with a custom logo unique to your vision.
    • Get an H2 Liquid logo in 24 hours with edit options.
    • Transparent Design
    • Up to 48 hour delivery.
  • H2 Liquid Digital Flyers

    Promote your brand in style. Get noticed.
    • Flyers, promotional CV, bio's, play bills, postcards.
    • Get MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF files to promote your cause.
  • H2 Banner Designs

    3ft x 6ft Rollup Banner designed with your style.
    • Gustom Banner Design includes your creative input.
    • Step and Repeat Banner Design
    • Hanging Banner (Size customized to your needs.)
    • Price does not include print
    • 50% Deposit required.
  • H2 Liquid Cards

    Impress your clients with H2 Digital Business Card
    • No more printing, get a digital business card.
    • Links to all your online handles.
    • Unlimited Scans
  • H2 Liquid Events

    Style your event with H2 Marketing Creatives
    • Get unlimited promotional content for your next event.
    • Digital Flyers | Marketing Decoratives
    • Social Media Marketing | T-Shirts
    • Poster & Banner Designs
  • H2 Liquid Ads

    GET (1) 2D-3D 60-second Animation Video MG Ad.
    • Requires a Transparent Logo or Vector File
    • Up to 3 Tag Lines or Text
    • Social Media Links (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)
    • Same Day Delivery!
    • For best results, use high resolution or large photos.
  • H2 Custom QR Codes

    Be unique, stay up on the latest tools for your brand.
    • FREE Unlimited scans for your customers.
    • Monthly analysis of your scans.
    • Custom color and logo or jpeg options.
    • Fast turn around for H2 Custom QR Codes.
  • Best Value

    H2 Social Media Mgmt

    Every month
    Get MFW or TTHSAT posts for newsfeed and story.
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Linked In
    • Alignable
    • Youtube
    • H2 will share and engage in groups related to your industry.
    • Digital Motion Graphic Content: MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF
  • H2 Liquid Marketing

    Every month
    Unlimited: social media management, and website maintenance.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Requires Logo.png or Vector File.
    • Website Maintenance
    • Flyers
    • QR Codes
    • Customer Service
    • Logo Design
    • Social Media Content
    • Social Media Account Management
    • SEO Optimization
    • Office Forms, Letterhead, Email Signature
    • Wix Business Owner Coaching
    • Digital Business Card//Signature
  • H2 Landing Pages

    Promote your book, or special project launching. Stores.
    • Dynamic design customized for your product or service.
    • Motion Graphics and 2D Animations are included.
    • Invitation Designs include RSVP List Management.
    • Link your other pages to your design such as Youtube.
    • FREE Email blast of your page to your audience.
    • Set up purchase option for your product or service.
    • Set up your H2 Store to sell your product or brand.
    • Get up to 4 pages + Group Forum to engage your customers.
  • H2 Liquid Website

    Get 3 FREE Animations when you purchase a website.
    • Get a High Quality Custom Design Website
    • Must have Logo or Vector File
    • Latest Motion Graphic and stylish editing to fit your needs.
    • Get the most innovative website that tells your story.
    • Mobile Editing and Desktop Editing
    • Terms | Policy | Agreements Edit
    • SEO Optimization
    • Customized Sounds & Effects with Social Media links
    • 1 FREE Ad to promote your website!
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